About Prof. Microbe™

The Inception of Prof. Microbe™ 

Taking environmental health and the future of our planet seriously is not just Prof. Microbe’s ethos, but also our business catalyst and driver.  

In the past, green products did not measure up to the cleaning effectiveness of chemical counterparts. Also, in a global movement towards environmentally conscious living, a misconception developed that green products and all-natural cleaning products are the same.

However, while green products offer a safer, less toxic alternative, they do not use all-natural ingredients. With countless industries buzzing with the idea of going “green”, the real impact of environmentally conscious living is lost. By going “100% all-natural” – true eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning is achieved.

Our Ethos

Responding to the need for effective 100% all-natural cleaning products, Prof. Microbe™ offers clients a safe, successful, cleaning solution for hygiene and sanitation. Using cutting-edge bio-remediation technology, our products revolutionize green cleaning.

Powerful organic compounds consisting of enzymes and microbes eat away at oily grime and turn them into water without the use of harmful toxins. Our cleaning solution is not only uncompromisingly dependable and safe, but also a formula that delivers the best in hygiene results.

Our Success

In short, we’re a 100% all-natural cleaning solutions-based company that meets the needs of the present without compromise. We understand that this means going “all-natural”. It’s not an idea – it’s imperative for a sustainable future.

Be one step ahead – use our 100% all natural, bio-remediation solutions and take part in this necessary change, one product at a time. View our dynamic range of cleaning products, hygiene and sanitation solutions now.