The Technology Behind Professor Microbe™

How It Works

Professor Microbe™ uses Nano-Natural technology with Active Nanoids to cut through fat, oil & grease. These microbes and enzymes are small enough to get in between the dirt particles and cause them to agitate. This energy causes the dirt particles to break apart creating a chain reaction of particles bumping into each other loosening additional particles allowing them to float away into water. Once in the waste system the microbes continue to clean the remainder of the waste, reducing the build-up dirt & bacteria. Prof. Microbe™ is the only cleaner your family will ever need

Good Germs vs Bad Germs

Research has shown that only a small percentage of germs are harmful. Moreover, our bodies are home to an estimated 100 trillion “good” germs, many of which reside in out gut. Not only do we live in harmony with these beneficial germs, but they are essential to our survival.

So why should we use toxic chemicals that are harmful to people, harmful to our animals, harmful to our equipment and harmful to our environment?

Why Should You Use Prof. Microbe™ cleaning Products?

Prof. Microbe™ cleaning is creating a modern, 100% all-natural cleaning industry with revolutionary cleaning products. We offer eco-friendly cleaning products that work better than conventional cleaning chemicals.

More Than Just Bio Degrading

Our green cleaning products use 100% natural bio-degradable & sustainable microbe and enzyme technology to break down fat, oil & grease into water and CO2.

Water Based

Prof. Microbe™ cleaning products are 100% water based, making it safe for the work environment, as well as the surrounding natural environment.

Non Solvent

Our Prof. Microbe™ cleaning products break up hydrocarbons & lift the stains from surfaces rather than dissolving or burning them, the way acid-based cleaners & other solvents do.

Non Flammable

Being completely solvent-free and water-based our products are 100% non-flammable. In fact, it has the ability to render flammable hydrocarbons, such as gasoline and jet fuel, non-flammable.